Our Frequently Asked Questions

There are surely things you want to know about the janitorial service that we provide. You want to be certain that the crew you choose to handle your facility’s cleaning duties is entirely capable of the job. We at Mr. Brightside Cleaning LLC strive to always be honest and open with our customers. We’ll be pleased to address any queries you may have at any time in Renton, WA. We’re asked some questions so frequently that we decided to group them together to make it easier for you to discover the solutions.

How often should an office be cleaned?

We frequently receive inquiries regarding the frequency of office cleanings. The size, personnel, and kind of business all have a role. There is no set rule for how frequently an office should be cleaned, but since keeping an office environment clean and orderly increases employee morale and productivity, reliable janitorial service should be a top concern.

Why should I use a business cleaning service rather than hiring our own cleaning personnel?

Hiring a reputable commercial cleaning company allows you to concentrate on managing your business by removing one more thing from your to-do list. A business cleaning service like ours provides you with a point of contact for any problems or requests, saving you the trouble of employing multiple cleaners and managing them all.

Is your staff trained?

Yes, before they set foot inside any of our partners’ facilities, all of our personnel go through internal training films and checklists that include instruction on customer service, safety (including BBP training), correct chemical handling, the right process for toilet cleaning, etc. More training and check-offs happen once you’re inside the facility.

Will the same expert cleaner be cleaning our office building every day?

Every team member goes through standardized training, and we use the same tools at every property we clean, however, we like to have the same person cleaning your facility every day. The basic conclusion is that if someone gets sick or goes on vacation, someone who has further training in cleaning at your specific building will step in, and you won’t notice a difference in the standard of care.

Do your chemicals work well to combat COVID?

Yes, all hospital-grade disinfectants that promise a quick kill and are highly effective against COVID-19 or other present viruses are used by our company. Our chemicals are safe too.

Do your services have a range or size restriction?

In a variety of locations across several industries, we provide expert commercial office cleaning services for facilities of all shapes and sizes. An initial consultation is required before signing up for our cleaning services, during which we will discuss your facility’s size and any unique cleaning requirements you may have. For the majority of instances, we take satisfaction in offering quick cleaning solutions.

If you still have questions about our commercial building cleaning service or regarding other services we offer, feel free to give us a call at the (253) 561-5822. Located in Renton, WA, we at Mr. Brightside Cleaning LLC are more than happy to talk about your cleaning needs and answer any remaining questions you might have!